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Healthcare & Medical Waste Services

The William-Thomas Group offers nationwide services tailored to the healthcare industry for the disposal of non-hazardous and medical waste.  

Healthcare Businesses We Service

  • Hospitals 
  • Physician practices 
  • Dental practices 
  • Care clinics 
  • Many other healthcare facilities and offices 

Our team understands that the healthcare industry revolves around the needs of your patients. The care of your patients can depend upon a variety of disposal items ranging from gowns, masks and even some surgical tools.  

Our program can supply environmentally friendly and economical options to support all your needs and ensure the safety and compliance of your facility. 

  • Specialty Projects 
    • Patient confidentiality is important. We can offer healthcare facilities the secure destruction of proprietary, sensitive and confidential materials.  
  • E-Waste/ Universal Waste 
    • We help facilities safely and compliantly dispose or recycle everything from printers to mainframes, providing tracking and certification. 
  • Organics/Composting 
    • Are you trying to divert food waste from your cafeteria? Our team can customize an organic waste collection program for your facilities.  
  • Ancillary Services 
    • We offer a variety of ancillary services to complement our traditional waste programs. We can clean and maintain everything from kitchen hoods to emergency exit signs.  

Our Team Specializes In:

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to develop a customized waste solution strategy for your healthcare facility, promoting its growth and guaranteeing optimal operational effectiveness!