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Recycling Services

Studies show that the average American generates nearly one ton of waste annually – and businesses are not immune. Recycling is more important than ever, and at The William-Thomas Group, we strive to find ways to reduce waste and recycle just about everything.

The William-Thomas Group will develop and implement cost-effective programs fit for your company. We will manage responsibility for source separation, collection, transportation, separating and storing your materials. We will ensure your materials are delivered to sustainable end-use markets and turned into viable new products.

Your business will receive records of recycled materials’ weight, quantity, and volume, in addition to possible rebates, offering you complete insight into your waste stream.

To get started, learn more about how our waste audit can develop or improve your recycling program.

Commonly Recycled Items

  • Scrap metals (ferrous, non-ferrous)
  • Alkaline, lithium, and lead acid batteries
  • Paper/fiber
  • Mercury containing devices
  • Universal waste lamps and ballasts
  • Rigid plastic scrap
  • Electronic waste
  • Steel drums
  • Plastic films and wraps
  • Pallets
  • Textiles

Materials to Recycle







Ready to Get Started?

Contact us to learn more about how The William-Thomas Group can assist your business with recycling.