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Ancillary Services

The William-Thomas Group strives to go beyond waste and recycling collection to provide a comprehensive solution for your company. Our selection of ancillary services allows even more options for your growing business. 

Our ancillary services provide your company with a single point of contact and consolidated invoicing for a full service of solutions. The extensive network of certified providers can ensure best-in-class service at a national level. Our services can provide a timely schedule for your company’s requirements. We can save your business money by finding the best offer.  

Ancillary Service Offerings

Grease traps play a key role in commercial kitchens. Poor cleaning can be disastrous. Let our expert management services handle the pumping to avoid messes and costly repair bills. We will also provide additional information on tank condition and certification of performance.

Kitchen hoods can become a fire hazard if not thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Our accredited specialists can provide your company with consistent appointments at a superior price. We will provide before and after photos and equipment condition information at every job.

Protect your roof from grease damage from kitchen exhaust systems. The William-Thomas Group can create a national uniform inspection and maintenance program. Our group can negotiate pricing to prevent costly repairs.

Fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, kitchen hood systems and alarms are faucets for fire suppression. Instead of having different companies inspect various aspects of fire suppression, The William-Thomas Group can consolidate into a single company. We provide a complete road map of what systems are inspected, when and by whom, reducing facility traffic.

Our national network of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) approved providers (and only NADCA-approved providers) can provide dryer vent and HVAC ductwork cleaning and maintenance. Our ability to stay abreast of building code changes and recent technologies sets us apart. We will provide before and after pictures of all work and issue reports.

A coordinated maintenance and inspection program can ensure all emergency exit signs and lights are always functional and catch deficiencies. Our group can consolidate services even further by including this service with fire suppression.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us below about our ancillary services and one of our experts will get in touch with you.